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Bobbie Ann Pimm discusses dreams … and more with Art Ray

I was thrilled recently to be interviewed by Art Ray on Reflections: The Wisdom of Edgar Cayce Internet Radio Show.  I love to talk about dreams to anyone who will listen. Art is a good listener and asked some really good questions.  In a 45 minute interview we covered: the upcoming IASD conference in Virginia […]

Nightmare, Night Terror or Sleep Paralysis – Which am I having?

You wake up terrified. Your heart is pounding. You are unable to move. You try to scream for help, but can’t. What’s going on? Was it a nightmare, a night terror or sleep paralysis? While there are some similarities between them, most notably the fact that you’re scared to death, there are major differences, with […]

Wall Street Journal — How to Tame Your Nightmares

An excellent article citing many notable dreamworkers. How to Tame Your Nightmares Social Bookmarking