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Zeo is helping me get more deep sleep

I’ve been using the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach for one month now. During my first week  (baseline) I averaged 21 minutes of deep sleep per night.  This past week, I averaged 30.  If you look at the graph to the left, you can clearly see what I’ve learned to help me achieve what to me, […]

Sleep Soundly Anywhere — Travel Tips from Zeo Sleep Information Center

Tips for better sleep away from home 1. Try to revisit hotels you like, even stay in the same room, says Dr. Breus. 2. Request a room away from the street, light sources, elevators, ice machine, restaurant and any other potential disturbances. 3. Create a traveler’s survival kit, advises Dr. Breus. Your kit can include […]

I love my Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

I love MyZeo — after only 3 weeks of using it I’ve identified some sleep stealers and my amount of time in deep sleep overall is improving. Get Free Shipping ($15.00 value) if you order Zeo here. Social Bookmarking