Our Dreaming Mind

Robert Van de Castle, PhD
Author of Our Dreaming Mind, Robert Van de Castle, PhD

Your dreaming mind is probably your most neglected, but powerful, natural resource available to you. The incredible treasures that are yours to uncover through personal exploration are truly priceless in value, yet paradoxically, they are absolutely free and don’t cost a penny! You don’t have to buy any expensive equipment or special clothing, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own bed. The entire physical effort that you’ll have to expend to encounter these instructional nocturnal odysseys involves simply putting your head on your pillow and closing your eyes.”    — Robert Van de Castle

About Dr. Van de Castle

Before his passing in January 2014, Dr. Van de Castle studied dreams for over 40 years. He co-authored, The Content Analysis of Dreams in 1966 with Calvin Hall Ph.D., considered the most prominent dream researcher in the world at that time. The content analysis method (the Hall-Van de Castle scales) they pioneered in their classic book has become the standard approach to objective dream research used by hundreds of later researchers and is still used today.

He conducted two years of laboratory research with Dr. Hall at the Institute of Dream Research in Miami, Florida, and also served as the Director of the Sleep and Dream Research Laboratory at the University of Virginia Medical Center for several years. He served as an experimental dreaming subject in his own lab at the University of Virginia, at the Institute of Dream Research, and also at the University of Wyoming. In addition, the successful demonstration of his telepathic dreaming ability at the Maimonides Hospital Dream Laboratory in Brooklyn was described at some length in the book Dream Telepathy by M.Ullman & S.Krippner.

Dr. Van de Castle had wide-ranging field experiences in collecting hundreds of dreams from subjects in Panama, Nicaragua, and Guatemala; and has worked with the dreams of participants at workshops he has offered in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, and Russia. He has gathered dreams in various educational settings such as elementary schools, high schools, colleges, nursing and graduate schools; and he has also obtained dreams from hundreds of psychiatric patients in both hospitals and clinics, pregnant women, and members of a Senior Center.

In addition to his presentations at various scientific conventions, Dr. Van de Castle appeared on several national TV shows, with Phil Donahue, David Letterman, Barbara Walters, Tom Snyder, Mike Douglas, and on numerous regional TV shows. In addition, his work has been referenced in dozens of popular publications such as Psychology Today, Omni, Ladies’ Home Journal, Playboy, Glamour, McCalls, Self, Parents, Family Circle, Men’s Health, etc. and in newspapers such as the Washington Post and USA Today.

For nearly two years, Dr. Van de Castle was the co-editor (with Dr. Henry Reed) of the Dream Network Bulletin, a popular newsletter dealing with dreams at the “grass roots” level. In recent years, the State University of New York has published over a dozen academic books on various dream topics in their SUNY Series in Dream Studies, under his guidance as an Advisory Editor.

Dr. Van de Castle was recognized by the members of the Association for the Study of Dreams(ASD) for his wide-ranging contributions to understanding the world of dreams when they elected him President of the organization in 1985. In 2004 they awarded him the first Lifetime Achievement Award in Dreamwork and was also recognized for his Lifetime Contribution to ASD. (For more information about this international, multidisciplinary organization which promotes an awareness and appreciation of dreams in both professional and public arenas, go to their Web site: www.ASDreams.org.)

About Our Dreaming Mind

Our Dreaming Mind
Our Dreaming Mind

Published in 1994, Our Dreaming Mind was hailed as “a masterpiece on dreams”  by Henry Reed, PhD; and “a sweeping panorama unsurpassed in the literature for its scope, its insight, and its ability to captivate readers” by Stanley Krippner, PhD. Over 20 years later it is still used as a text for a number of universities in the US and Canada and still a valuable resource for readers just curious about their dreams.

Though currently out-of-print, used copies are available online by numerous resellers. In addition, you can purchase it as a pdf file for $12.00 via PayPal.

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